First practice-a chak ber Perez

Pathianni hian Sakhir tlankawngah Bahrain Grand Prix hmangin Formula One world championship season thar an tan dawn a, hemi atana first practice-ah nimin khan Sergio Perez chak berin, season-opening race-ah pawh Red Bull Racing driver hian rin a kai nghal a, 2023 championship-ah pawh Red Bull chetha chho leh tura beisei an ni.
Sakhir first practice-ah Mexican driver Perez hian tlan fuh tak Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso chu second 0.438-in a hmakhalh a, pathumnaah world champion Max Verstappen a thleng thung.
Dutch driver ropui Verstappen hi talbuai hlekin, a team-mate Perez ai hian second 0.617-in a thleng tlai.
McLaren driver Lando Norris chu palina niin, Marcedes car khalhtu Lewis Hamilton chu 10-na daih a ni.
Haas driver Kevin Magnussen, Alfa Romeo driver pahnih Zhou Guanyu leh Valtteri Bottas-te’n top 10 luah ve bawkin, second Mercedes driver George Russell chu 11-naah a thleng.
Vawiinah qualifying tlanin, naktukah season thara race hmasaber kan thlir ang.

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