Foo Fighters drummer thar John Freese

Foo Fighters chuan bung thar an kai a, nikuma an drummer boralta Taylor Hawkins thlak nan John Freese an lak kuh thu niminpiah khan an puang. Foo Fighters hian an studio album 11-na tur ‘But Here We Are’ preview-na livestream event-ah drummer Josh Freese an lakluh thu hi an puang a ni.
He livestream hi Live Nation Veeps platform-in host-in, Foo Fighters hian drummer hriat hlawh tak tak pathumin an biak pawh tawh thu an sawi a, Red Hot CHili Peppers atangin Chad Smith, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee leh Tool drummer Danny Carey te nen an inbiak hnuah John hi an tawng fuh ta niin an sawi.
Tuna an album thar hi June ni 2-ah an tlangzarh dawn a, chumi hmain, May ni 24 atangin tour an tan dawn bawk a ni. Freeze hi Foo Fighters-ah a mikhual tawh bik lo va, session drummer hriat hlawh tak niin, Los Angeles leh London-a nikum September-a Foo Fighters-in Taylor Hawkins tribute concert an neihah pawh band hi a lo pui tawh a, Foo Fighters bakah Devo, Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer leh Sting te pawh a lo pui tawh bawk a ni.

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