Future & Metro Boomin ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ a No.1

Future leh Metro Boomin album intawm ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ chu Billboard 200 (albums) chart No.1-ah a debut a, hetihrual hian Linkin Park album thar ‘Papercuts’ pawh top 10-ah a debut.
Billboard 200 chart hi kar khat (Friday – Thursday) chhunga US-a album hralh tam dan atanga tehin chart ranking siam thin a ni a, album hralh zat chhut nan hian album tak tak hralhna bakah album-a hla mal hralhna atanga album tlukpui te belhkhawm thin a ni.
Future leh Metro Boomin ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ hi kar khat chhungin 1,27,500 an hralh thei a, chung zinga 1,24,500 chu streaming atanga album hralhna tlukpui (on-demand official stream maktaduai 162.57) niin, album tak tak hralh chu 2,500 a ni a, album-a la mal hralhna atangin 500 a tling thei bawk.
Future leh Metro Boomin te hian kar thum liamta mai khan ‘We Don’t Trust You’ album an tlangzarh a, chart No.1-ah an lo debut pui tawh bawk a, he album chhunzawmna ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ tunah an No.1 pui leh takah chuan kar thum chhungin No.1 album pahnih an nei hman a ni.
Tunkar chart-ah chuan ‘We Don’t Trust You’ hi 83,000 hralh lehin No.4 atangin No.3 a kai thar ve leh ta, tihian chart top three-ah album pahnih an nei theia, hetiang chart top three-a zaithiam ngai te album pahniha awm kawp hi chart history-ah tum sariah chiah a la awm. Tihian Future pawhin he chart-a No.1 kai thei album 10 a nei tling ta a, Metro Boomin tan a pangana a ni ve thung.
Chart No.1 hlui Beyonce ‘Cowboy Carter’ chu 98,000 hralh lehin No.2-ah a tawlh a, chart No.1 hlui tho Morgan Wallen ‘One Thing at a Time’ chu 71,000 hralh lehin No.5 atangin No.4 a kai thar leh a, Noah Kahan ‘Stick Season’ chu 51,000 hralh lehin No.8 atangin No.5-ah a insawn a, he album hi ‘Stick Season (We’ll Be Here Forever)’ deluxe edition an tlangzarh thar avangin hralh a kal thar leh ta a ni.
Linkin Park album thar ‘Papercuts’ chu 44,000 hralhin No.6-ah a debut a, Linkin Park hian chart top 10-a lang thei album 11 an nei tling ta a, chung zinga paruk chu chart No.1 a kai nghe nghe a ni.
Benson Boone ‘Freworks & Rollerblades’ chu 43,000 hralh lehin No.6 atangin No.7-ah a tawlh a, chart top 10-a lang dang zawng chu chart No.1 hlui vek niin, SZA ‘SOS’ chu 40,000 aia tam deuh hralh lehin No.10 atangin No.8-ah a insawn thar leh a, Mrogan Wallen ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ chu 40,000 hralh lehin No.11 atangin No.9 a kai thar leh a, Ariana Grande ‘Eternal Sunshine’ chu 40,000 tling lo deuh hralh lehin No.7 atangin No.10-ah a tawlh ve thung.

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