Health care-a inziahluhna sum vaibelchhe 6 chang hmang tawh

Kum 2021 atanga 2023 chhungin Health care Scheme-a inziahluhna sum cheng vaibelchhe 8 chuang lut atangin thawktute hlawh leh thildangah cheng vaibelchhe 6 chuang hman a ni.
Assembly Session-a zawhna chhangin Health minister Dr R Lalthangliana chuan, kum 2021-2022 chhung khan health care scheme-a inziak lutte registration fee belkhawm chu Rs. 3,31,67,050 a ni a; kum 2022- 2023 chhungin Rs. 4,96,73,240 a ni.
Henga sum lut atang hian thawktute hlawhah Rs. 3,19,37,830; office expenditure ah Rs. 20,47,618; lirthei hire-na atan Rs. 5,00,000; training leh meeting atan nuai 1.87; health care bill peknaah Rs. 3,21,65,987, a vaiin Rs. 6,68,38,739 hman a ni tih a sawi.
Registration fee-a lut, office thila hman hi Health Care Scheme Governing Board Council-in a ngaihtuah, rules fel taka hmanga society-in a hranpa-a in enkawlna sum a neih loh avanga dan hmanga phalna awm thlapa hman a ni tih minister hian a sawi.
Kumin January 5 thlenga health care bill sawrkarin a bat zat chu Rs. 65,90, 84,982 a ni a. Bill la pek loh hi mi 23462 an ni tih a sawi bawk.


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