Health worker zir turte lawm

Health Workers Training School Aizawla health worker training tur batch 39-na zirlaite tan Zirtawpni khan anmahni lawmluhna ‘Capping & Lamp Lighting’ hun hman a ni.
He hun hi Health & Family Welfare principal director Dr Vanlalsawma’n a hmanpui a, zirlaite chu an mawhphurhna a pawimawh zia hrilhin, nakin zelah damlote enkawl tak taktu tur an nih thu a sawi a ni.
Capping & Lamp Lighting hi Health Workers Training School principal Dr V Lalhmingliani’n a kaihruai a. Principal nursing officer Zothankimi Sailo chuan school report a pe a. Zoram Medical College nursing sperintendent Lalbiaknguri’n Capping & Lamp Lighting hun a kaihruai a ni.

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