Pastoral Committee thukhawm

Synod Pastoral Committee chu Zirtawpni khan moderator Rev Dr C Chawnghmingliana kaihhruaiin an thu a, December 4 (Thawhtanni) hian an thu chhunzawm leh ang.
Pastoral Committee thutkhawmah hian thu ngaihtuah tur 16 chhawpchhuah a ni a. Pro. pastor tang mek mi 54-te exam result thlir ho, kum 2024 leh 2025-a pastor pension tur chungchang, kum 2023 Synod-a nemngheh tur, kum 2024 Synod-a nemngheh tur Presbytery leh Synod Mission Board-in an dilpuite ngaihtuah a ni. Pro. pastor hna dil interview neih a ni bawk. Kumin hian Synod hnuaia pro. pastor dil mi 99 an ni a, SMB hnuaia pro. pastor dil 7, field worker pro. pastor dil mi 3, an vaiin mi 109 an awm a ni.
Thawhtanni lamah pastor thuthmun sawn leh bial hming thlak chungchang, bial thar hawn leh bial siamrem rawtna, Presbytery thar hawn leh siamrem rawtna, minister, pastor leh pro. pastor chhan hrang hrang avanga an awmna hmun sawn ngaite awmna tur ngaihtuah a ni dawn a ni.
Synod Pastoral Committee-in a rel zawng zawng hi kumin Synod Inkhawmpuia ngaihtuah turin chhawpchhuah a ni ang.

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