Helicopter thlawk laia pull-up tiin record siam

Yerevan, Armenia a cheng, Hamazasp Hloyan chuan hleicopter thlawk laiah minute khatah pull-up vawi 32 a ti hman a, Guinness World Record a siam. Pull-up chu exercise lak dan hahthlak tak mai niin, chung lamah bar khamah ke lei si lovin an uai a, an kiuah ban tithlepin an inpawt kang a, bar kham chunglamah an khabe an dah chhuak a, chumi hnuah kiu timarin an uai thla leh thin.
Hamazasp pawh hi helicopter ke-ah uaiin, heclicopter chuan a thlawhpui a, chuti chung chuan pull-up hi tiin, minute khatah vawi 32 a tihman a, helicopter a uai chunga minute khata pull-up tihnem thei ber record a siam.
A hmaa hetiang record chu nikum-a Belgian athlete Stan Bruininck, aka YouTuber Stan Browney siam niin, ani hian helicopter-a uai chungin minute khatah pull-up vawi 23 a tihman a, he record hi Hamazasp hian a rawn khum chiang hle a ni.

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