Helmet chungchangah mi 250 vel man tawh

Two wheeler khalhtute’n Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) pawm chin leh a tlukpui helmet an khum tur tih a ni a, chutiang khum lo mi 250 chuang chu Aizawlah traffic police te’n an man tawh.
March ni 6 thleng khan, tun thlaah traffic police te’n Aizawlah BIS pawm chin leh a tlukpui helmet khum lo mi 256 an man tawh a, an pawisa chawi pawh cheng nuai 1 chuang a ni tawh.
Traffic police te sawi dawnin, mi pakhatin Rs 500 zel an chawi a, March ni 1 atanga ni 6 thlenga an chawi hi Rs 128000 a ni.
Helmet him khum loh vanga man hi an tlem telh telh a, March ni 1-ah khan an tam ber a, chumi hnuah chuan an tlem telh telh, traffic police te chuan an ti a, two wheeler khalhtute’n an ngai pawimawh telh telh tih an sawi.
Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety thupek leh Motor Vehicles Act, 1988- in a sawi angin two wheeler khalhtute’n helmet him leh rintlak an khum a ngai a, BIS-in a pawm chin leh a tlukpui helmet tha leh him chin chauh khum tur niin, he thupek Aizawlah March ni 1 atangin khauh takin traffic police tetn an lekkawh a ni.
Thu dawn danin, helmet him lo khum, traffic police te’n an man zingah hian helmet lei tur hmu lo nia insawi, lei tur a awm lo tia chhuanlam siam an awm nual. Traffic police te chuan hei hi thu tlingah an pawm lo a; Aizawl chhunga helmet dawrah te BSI pawm chin leh a tlukpui helmet lei tur a awm tam hle tih an sawi.

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