Hemant Soren bail dilna May 17 ah ngaihtuah dawn

Supreme Court chuan May 13 khan Jharkhand Chief Minister hlui Hemant Soren an inthlan kaihhnawih chhuanlam siama interim bail a dilna chu a hnawlsak a. Court chuan May 17-ah ngaihtuah turah list ah dahin mahse a ngaihtuah hman kher ang em a chiang chuang lo.
Apex Court hian Friday, May 17, 2024 atangin summer holiday a hmang tan dawn a ni.
Justice Sanjiv Khanna chuan Soren aiawha ding Kapil Sibal hnenah a client chuan Enforcement Directorate tena an puh angin Bariatu, achi ah ram 8.8 acre a nei reng em tiin a zawt a.
Sibal chuan Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader chuan a nei ngai lo tia sawiin chumai bakah amah puhna ‘forcible posseeion’ tih chu PMLA hnuaiah scheduled offence pawh a ni lo hrim hrim tiin a chhang a ni.
Top court chuan May 20 a ngaihtuah a ni ang a tih hnuah Sibal chuan ngenna siamin May 20 ah chuan inthlan a zawh tawh dawn avangin a aia hmaa ngaihtuah turin a ngen a.
“SC-in a hma pawhin Jharkhand High Court a ngaihtuah turin a ti tawh a. Mahse, Court chuan Soren-an amah an manna hnawl tura a ngennaah judgement a siam a tikhawtlai tlat a ni” tiin Sibal chuan a sawi a. Court chuan May 17 a ngaihtuah a remti ta a ni.

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