SC-in vote tla zat puan khawtlai ngaihtuah

Supreme Court chuan, Lok Sabha inthlan thawhkhatna leh thawh hnihnaa voter turnout data tihchhuah har lutuk chungchang chu May 17-ah a ngaih tuah dawn.
Justice Sanjiv Khanna chuan thawh tanni khan tawngkain advocates Prasahnt Bhhushan leh Neha Rathi, Association for Democratic Reforms, NGO te aiawha ding application thehluttute hnenah a sawi a.
Bhushan chuan court hnenah inthlan kal mek lai hian an dilnate chu rang taka ngaihtuah a ngen a ni.
Application chuan voter-turnout data tihchuah tihkhawtlai mai bakah Election Commission (EC) in initial voter turnout percentage a tihchhuah figure chu a sang chak a ni an ti bawk a.
Bhushan chuan heng thil thleng pahnih te hi inthlan phase hmasaa polling neihah khan data fel lo leh dik lo a awm thei mai ang tia ngaihthatlohna a siam a ni a ti.
Court chu EC hnenah Lok Sabha inthlanna neih mekah voter turnout chu EC chuan an website-ah scan copy tarchhuak zel se an ti a. Rule 49S and Rule 56C(2) of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 chuan form 17C(Part I) hmangin vote record tur leh returning officer chu candidate tena an vote hmuh zah chu chhinchhiah zel turin a ti a ni a ti bawk.
Hei mai bakah hian constituency tin leh polling station tin te chuan voter turnout chu absolute manner leh percentage form in an tichhuak tur a ni an ti bawk a.
Petition chuan Lok Sabha inthlan thawh khatna leh thawh hnihnaa voter turnout data chu EC chuan April 19 leh 26 inthlanna neih atanga ni 11 ah a tichhuak chauh an ti a.
April 30-a ECI in data an tihchhuahah chuan polling day-ah a tira vote tla percentage chu a sang thut a, a sanna hi 5-6% vel lai a ni an ti bawk a.
April 19 khan inthlan thawhkhatnaah EC chuan a tirah press note an siamah voter turnout chu 60% chuang hret a ti a, April 26 ah EC chuan vote tla chu 60.96% a ti bawk a ni.
Voter turnout final tihchhuah tlai lutuk leh tihchhuah a nih hnua EC in press note an siam aia vote tla sanna 5% vel lai ni zel chuan rinhlelhna a siam a ni, tiin court a petition thehluh chuan a sawi bawk.

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