Heroin Kg 80 chuang man

Kum liam ta 2022-ah khan Mizoram Police te leh Mizoram Excise & Narcotics (MEN) department te’n heroin Kg 80 chuang an man a, a hma kuma an man zat aiin a letin a tam.

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Mizoram Police-in kg 47.874 an man a, MEN department-in kg 35.137 an man.

2021-ah khan police leh MEN department man zat belhkhawm hi kg 34.498 a ni a, hei aia tam hi 2022-ah police-in an man a, MEN department pawhin chu aia tam chu an man.

2020-a an pahniha an man zat belhkhawm chu kg 20.493 a ni a, a kum lehah kg 34.896-ah pungin, a kum lehah kg 83.011-ah a pung a ni. A pun dan hi a nasa hle.

2013-ah kha chuan an pahniha an man zat hi belhkhawm hi kg 1.308 a ni a, police-in kg 0.481, MEN department-in kg 0.827 an man. Kg 1 an man tling lo ve ve a, a kum leh 2014-ah erawh police-in kg 1.137, MEN department-in kg 3.126 an man.

2017-ah police-in kg 11.174 an man a, hei hi kg 10 an man tlin vawi khatna a ni. 2019-ah MEN department-in kg 12.596 an man a, hei hi kg 10 an man tlin vawi kahtna a ni. 2014 vel atang hian heroin man zat hi a pung a, kum tinin nasa takin a pung ta zel a ni.

Kg 4 an man tlinna pawh a la rei lo; 2015-ah khan MEN department-in kg 4.088 an man a, 2016-ah police-in kg 4.434 an man.

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