Siaha-ah MNF unit pahnih bang

MNF-in Siaha bialtu MLA Dr K Beichhua an chawlhtir hnuah Siaha khawpuia MNF unit pahnihte’n party an chhuahsan a, MNF mi langsar pahnihin banna an thehlut bawk.

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Zirtawpni khan Vaihpi I leh Vaihpi II MNF unit hruaitute’n MNF District Headquarters Siaha president hnenah party atanga banna an thehlut a, MNF adviser, K Beiseia, MDC leh an district president hlui C Lawbei te’n banna an thehlut bawk.

C Lawbei hi nikum kum tawp lama Mara Autonomous District Council-a MNF leh Congress thawk dun sorkar paihthlak a nih laia Siaha District MNF president kha a ni a, khatiang thil a thlen hnuah president atanga paih a ni ve leh.

“Kan chhuak lo chung pawhin party-a tel lovah min ngai a, whatsapp group atangin min paih a, party thiltihna reng rengah min telh ngai lo a, hnawk min ti a. Kan tan pawh a inthlahrunawm a, chuvangin inthiar fihlim a ngai a ni,” C Lawbei chuan a ti.

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