Hmeichhe zinga thisen pe tam ber

Hmeichhe zinga thisen pe tam ber
A kum ngaihtuah chuan pitar tih tur a ni tawh, Alberta, Canada-a cheng Josephine Michaluk, kum 80, chuan thisen (whole blood) unit 203 a pe tawh a, Guinness World Record chuan khawvel hmeichhe zinga thisen pe tam berah an puang.
Josephine hian 1965 khan kum 22 mi niin thisen a pe tan a, thisen pekah hian a laizawnin a sawi hmuh niin a sawi a, “A tirah chuan a hnung ka zui ve chauh a ni,” a ti. A thisen hi O+ niin, hetiang thisen hi mamawhna a san thin avangin midangte tanpuina tiin regular takin thisen a pe chhunzawm ta a ni ni. Thisen unit khat hi 473ml vel a ni.
Guinness World Records-in an tarlan danin mihring kan len dan a zirin kan taksaa thisen awm zat pawh a inang lo a, chutihrualin puitlin pakhatin dan naran thisen unit 10 vel tal nei ang kan ni a, kan taksa rih zawng atanga 10% vel chu thisen niin an sawi.

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