Hmun 4-ah heroin man

Hmun 4-ah heroin man
Excise & Narcotics Department chuan May 1 khan hmun 4-ah heroin gram 264.100 (hawng 20) an man.
Thawhtanni chawhnu dar 3.30 ah Phunchawngah gram 87 (hawng 7) leh a neitu nia puh – Monica Pari (36) Shingngai, Falam district Myanmar-a khawsa nia inchhal an man a; tlai dar 5.00 ah Thuampuiah gram 13 (hawng 1) leh a neitu nia puh LT Siama (36) Thuampui Senhri Section-a khawsa nia inchhal an man.
Thawhtanni zan dar 7.30 ah Zote, Champhai district-ah gram 39.100 (hawng 2) leh a neitu nia puh – Ramfangzauva (22) Champhai Venglai leh Lalramsangi (18) Champhai Electric Veng nia inchhalte an man a; hemi zan dar 8.45 khan Champhai Vaihmunah gram 125 (hawng 10) leh a neitu nia puh – Lianzamanga, Champhai Dinthar Venga khawsa nia inchhalte an man bawk.
Heroin vanga mante lakah hian ND&PS Act tlawhchhanin thubuai siam a ni.

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