Hnahthial Fisheries office hawng

Hnahthial Fisheries office hawng
Hnahthial District Fisheries Development Officer office thar chu bialtu MLA, minister Dr R Lalthangliana chuan a hawng.
District thar tihpuitlinna’n DFDO staff thar pali nena thawk nghal tur an hawng thei chu lawmawm a tih thu Dr R Lalthangliana hian a sawi a. Fisheries minister Pu K Lalrinliana department tho DCSO (FCS&CA) leh DLAO (LAD) office thar kuminah Hnahthiala hawn leh theih a nih tur thu a sawi. Tuipui ‘D’ ah lawng te chi pali Fishries minister-in a pe tur pawh lawmthu a sawi nghal tih a sawi.
Hnahthial district bika sawrkar hmalakna South Tuipui bialtu hian sawiin, Convention Centre, cheng nuai 100 vel senga DRDA office thar sak, nuai 1000 man DC office sak thar, nuai 100 vel senga DUDO office building sak zawh tawhte leh CMO office building thar nuai 400 man an sak thar thu a sawi. District Hospital thar pathum cheng nuai 1700 man theuh, sawrkar laipuia a zu sawichhuah chu Hnahthialah pawh bul tan thuai a nih tur thu a sawi a. Hnahthial Playground-ah Sports minister nen infiammite tan phullem tha tak cheng nuai 1000 tlinglo deuh senga an phah thu a sawi bawk.
District dangin an neih ve loh cheng nuai 840 sengin IIPC (Integrated Industrial Promotion Centre) building thawh mek a nih thu te, Hnahthial PWD IB a sakna rei tawh leh awngrawp tawh hmunah cheng nuai 400 man Rest House ang deuh bul tan thuai a nih tur thu leh, SASCI atangin cheng nuai 400 man vel thawh tan mek a ni bawk tih Dr R Lalthangliana hian a sawi.

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