Hnam hnuaihnung zawkte hmusitah puh

District Council & Minority Affairs minister leh MNF sawrkar chu hnam hnuaihnung zawkte hmusitah Lai District Congress Committee chuan an puh.
Lai District Congress Committee (DCC) hruaituten Lawngtlaia thuthar thehdarhtute an kawmnaah Assembly Session kal mekah Distict Council & Minority Affairs minister Pu R Lalzirliana chuan direct funding chungchang a sawi chungchang chu sawichhawngin, sawrkar hmasaa chief minister Pu Lal Thanhawla leh Lok Sabha MP Pu CL Ruala ten an recommend bakah Council of Minister thukhawmin a pass a ni a. Hetihlaia Council of Minister zinga tel ve, tuna DC&MA minister-in Autonomous District Council mipui hmusit zawnga anmahni thu pass ngei pawh mipui lêm nana hmang anga a sawi chu hnam hnuaihnung zawkte hmusitnaa an ngaih thu leh, a thusawi laia MNF MLA-ten dawhkan an lo beng phei kha chu, MNF-in hnam hnuaihnungte a dah hniam zia lantirtu nia an ngaih thu an sawi.
India danpui siamthat vawi 125-na neih tur chungchangah Mizoram sawrkar chuan District Council ten thuneihna sang zawk an neih theihna tur chu a hnawl vek tih sawiin, Guwahati-a inhmuhkhawmah DC&MA minister Pu R. Lalzirliana hian a tel ve thu a sawi chu thu belhchiandawl lo a ni, tih Lai DCC hruaitute hian an sawi a. Lawngtlaia all political party meeting-a Congress, MNF, BJP leh ZPM ten ram danpui siamthat turah Autonomous District Council-in thunneihna sang zawk an neih theihna’na rawtna an siam chu he thutkhawmah hian a thlen a ni tih an sawi a ni.

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