Hnehna ropui ber – Djokovic

Australian Open 2023 champion Novak Djokovic chuan Australian Open ah a vawi 10 nan a champion kha hnehna a chan tawh zawng zawnga hnehn ropui ber ang hiala a ngaih thu a sawi.

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Australian Open ah vawi 9 zet champion tawh Novak Djokovic hian kum 2022 khan hun khirh leh harsa tak a tawk. Covid 19 hri danna a lak loh vangin a ropuina Australia Open khelh phalsak a ni lova, Melbourne atangin thawn haw a ni. Thawn haw a nih mai bakah hian Australia Sorkar chuan kum thum chhung ngawt Australia rama zin a phalsak lo cheu bawk.

Australian Open a hmachhawn theih loh hnuin Wimbledon ah a champion a. Wimbledon ah hian Russia leh Belarus player ten phalsak an nih loh vangin Djokovic hian point 2000 ngawt a hloh phah der thung. Hemi hnu hian US Open a hmachhawn thei lo leh bawk.

Hun khirh tak a hman zawh hnuin Australian Open 2023 ah tel phalsak a ni a, hliam chungin a inlan. A hliam tawrh ang hi tuar se player dang 97% zet chu an inhnuhdawh phah ngei tura ngaih a ni. Hliam tuar chunga inlan hram hramin hnehna ropui a sualchhuak ta a. Atan hnehna ropui berah a chhal zui ta bawk.

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