Horti Link Road laihnaah thil felhlel Kawng laihna atan scooter leh gypsy

Kum 2018- 2019 chhung khan cheng nuai 2673 hmangin Mizoramah Horticulture Link Road laih a ni a. Heng zinga link road 134 endiknaah thil intu lo tak tak hmuh tur a awm. Thenkhatah chuan link road laih nan excavator hman man uchuak taka siam niin, thenkhatah excavator registration number anga chhinchhiah chu two wheeler (scooter & motorcycle, car etc) te a ni hlawm. Link Road thenkhat chu ‘jeepable’ tih a nih laiin, jeep leng lo te a ni a, thenkhat chu kawng thui zawng tur tling lo te a ni bawk.
Heng zawng zawng Comptroller and Auditor General of India Report No.2 of 2022-in a tarlan dan chuan, NEDP hnuaia link road laih endik 134 hi Division pathum – Aizawl, Serchhip leh Lunglei hnuai ami niin, heng division hnuaia kawng laihte project sen belhkhawm chu cheng nuai 1369 a ni a. Joint physical inspection hi March- April 2021 ah audit team leh departmental official-ten an nei a ni.
Lunglei Division hnuaia link road 13 laih nana department-in excavator a hman dan record-ah chuan, hnathawh hun chhung aiin excavator hman hun chhung a rei zawk. Entirna pakhat tarlangin, Thehlep Kawng- De Luiah Link Road km.3-a thui laih a ni a, JCB hire rei zawng chu darkar 695.5 anga record niin, hnathawh hun chhung chu ni 8 anga record a ni. Nitin darkar 24 thawk pawh nise, ni 8 chhungin darkar 192 a awm a, darkar 503.5 (695.5-192) chu a chuang ta tihna a ni. Excavator (JCB) hire man hi darkar khatah Rs. 2000 a ni a, darkar 503.5 chhunga JCB hire-na chu Rs. 10,07,040 a ni. Hetiang hian link road 13-a excavator rawih nana sum chingpen (excess payment) belhkhawm hi cheng nuai 72.15 a tling.
Hmun thenkhatah chuan, excavator hman man inpekna receipt-a excavator regsitration number tarlan chu cross-checked a nih hnu ah, thenkhat chu scooter/ motorcycle te, thenkhat chu Gypsy te a ni a. Hetianga excavator anga lirthei dang hman mana senral hi cheng nuai 110 a tling. Thenkhat thung chu, registration number inang si, hmun hnih hmun thuma hun inanga lei lai thei excavator-te pawh a awm a, chu’ng chu 8 an ni a, hetiang chi hman manah hian cheng nuai 112.45 senral a ni.
Link Road laih dan tur detail anga laih loh pawh a awm nual a. Bungmual- Melpui Link Road, cheng nuai 5 senga laihah chuan jeep a kal thei lo a. Haulawng- Tlawng kawng Link Road km.2-a thuiah boulder phah chhuah tur a nih laiin, km 1.7 chauh phah a ni bawk.


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