Hriat loh ruang hre tur zawng

Kumin April 28 khan Bankhandi Mandir kawt, Chandni Chowk Delhi Police Booth bulah mi tu tih hriat loh mipa, kum 40-45 inkar vela upa, feet 5.4 a sang ruang chhar a ni a. Ruang hi fingerprint record-a a lan danin Vanlalruata s/o Rual Khuma, Govt. Complex Luangmual, Aizawl Mizoram nia hriat a ni.
Hemi chungchang hi May 5 khan Deputy Commissioner of Police, North District Delhi hnen atanga dawn niin, Mizoram Police-in hma an la zui a. Tun thlengin a chhungte emaw ama nihna diktak hriat theih a la ni lo.
Amah emaw a chhungte hria emaw a hriat theihna kawnga police-te pui thei chuan phone no. 8794747295/ 8794747293/ 8794747292 ah te hriattir turin Mizoram Police chuan mipui an ngen.

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