HSSLC exam zinga zaa 78.66 pass; Stream pathumah topper mipa vek

Mizoram Board of School Education chuan Zirtawpni khan Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Exam 2023 result a tichhuak a, exam zawng zawng atangin zaa 78.66 an pass; arts, science leh commerce ah topper mipa vek an ni.
HSSLC Examination 2023 ah hian zirlai 14091 an exam a, heng zinga 11084 (78.66%) an pass. Distinction 809, I division 3451, II division 4268 leh III division 2556 an ni a. Candidate 3001 an fail a, compartmental chance nei 6 an awm a ni.
Arts stream-ah Rodinpuia Ralte, Home Mission School chu mark 500-ah mark 469 hmu in pakhatna a ni a. Top 10 ah 15 langin, mark inang hmu 5-naah pathum, 6-na pali an awm. Arts-ah hian zirlai exam 10216 awmin, 8003 (78.34%) an pass.
Science stream-ah Jonathan Lalhruaitluanga, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School chuan mark 458 hmu in pakhatna a ni. Top 10 ah mi 11 langin 3-na pahnih an awm a; zirlai exam 3075 awmin 2389 (77.69%) an pass a ni.
Commerce-ah Vanlaldika, St. Paul’s Higher Secondary School chu mark 473 hmu in pakhat a ni a. Top 10-ah mi 14 langin, 3-na pathum, 4-na pahnih, 6-na pahnih an awm. Zirlai 800 exam in an zinga 692 (86.50%) an pass a ni.
Kumin HSSLC exam-ah hian an zirlai exam zaah za pass school: arts-ah 54, science ah 2, commerce-ah 5 an awm a; an zirlai exam hmachhawn hlawhtling lo vek school, arts leh science ah pakhat ve ve an awm a ni.
Kum 2022 HSSLC exam-ah overall-a pass percentage chu zaah 82.07 niin, kuminah a hniam zawk a ni.

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