ICT-in state budget pawnah nuai sang 7 chuang hmu

Information & Communication Technology department chuan sawrkar kum kalta leh kal mekah sawrkar laipui atangin cheng nuai 7500 chuang a dawn zinga nuai 7200 chuang chu state budget pawn atanga a hmuh a ni.
ICT minister Robert Romawia Royte-in Assembly Session-a zawhna a chhan danin, an department-in kum 2021- 2022 leh 2022- 2023 chhungin state budget pangngai ni lo, sawrkar laipui atangin hmasawnna hna thawhna tur sum nuai 7561.85 an dawng a, heng atanga nuai 7250.00 hi state budget pawn atanga hmuh ni mah se, Finance department kaltlanga hnathawh tur a nih avangin state budget ah khung a ni.
Sum dawnna hi – PMJVK scheme hnuaia project “Eastablishment of IT Skill Development & Training Centre” atan nuai 311.85 hmu in, state nodal agency – District Council & Minority Affairs kaltlangin expenditure sanction hi dawn a ni tih a sawi a. SASCI scheme hnuaia project – “Establishment of OPGW & ADSS for backbone connectivity of District and Blocks in Mizoram” (nuai 5000) leh, “Mizoram e-services protal and upgradation of Mizoram State Data Center & Cloud enablement” (nuai 2250) tihpuitlin nan, heng sum – nuai 7250 hi sanction hmuh a ni a. Dan angin 2023 January 18 khan budget allocation order hi Finance department atangin an dawng tih a sawi bawk.
“Heng project hrang hrangte hi thawh tan a nih theihna’n tih ngaite tih mek a ni,” ICT minister hian a ti.

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