iHeartRadio Music Awards-ah Beyonce-i’n Innovator Award a dawng

2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards-ah Beyonce chuan ‘Innovator Award a dawng a, a award dawn hi Stevie Wonder-a’n a hlan a, Bey chuan Wonder fakin, “Zai ka ngaihthlak nin theih loh tur min zawt thin a, nangmah hi i ni. Lalpan malsawm che rawh se,” a ti. Stevie Wonder hian Beyonce album thar ‘Cowboy Carter’-ah Bey-i’n Dolly Parton hla ‘Jolene’ a cover-ah harmonica a tum sak.
Wonder pawhin Bey chu fakin, “Khawvel ta zawk a awm theih nana midangte chophurtu i ni thin hi lawmthu ka hrilh che a ni,” a ti ve bawk.

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