‘Indo puang hmasatu chu India a ni’

1966 March ni 1-ah MNF-in zalenna an puang a, an war committee secretary Vanlalngaia chuan “Indo puang hmasatu chu India a ni,” a ti.
Kumin hi a kum 57-na a ni a, Kulikawna cheng Vanlalngaia chuan zalenna sual lai vel chanchin thlir letin, “Zalenna sual kha thil tih awm tak a ni,” a ti.
Ralthuam leka indo kha an thil tum ber a nih loh thu leh, kawng dang dapin theihtawp an chhuah thu te a sawi a, mahse India chet danin indo lo thei lovah a dah ta niin a sawi.
“India-in indo a puan takah chuan keini pawhin kan puang ve ta tihna ang a ni,” a ti a, khatih laia India ram home minister-in ‘A mihring kan mamawh lo, a ram alawm kan duh,’ a ti tih te a sawi a, India-in Mizoramah sipai a tir lut nguah nguah tih sawiin, chutianga India chetna chuan indo a thlen lo thei lo tiin a sawi.
“India home minister-in a sawi duh dan chu khatiang kha a ni a, sipai an rawn tir lut nguah nguah a. Min beih dan pawh a nasa a, indo puitling tak tak a ni,” a ti a, “Khua min khawm a, jet fighter leh bomb hmangin min nuai a, India ramah khatianga an chet kha a awm ngai lo,” a ti.
“Pu Laldenga’n ‘kan in a kan chuan tui fimin a daih loh chuan tui nu pawh a thelh nan kan hmang mai ang,’ a ti a,” a ti a, Mizo Army kha an chetthat thu sawiin, “Mipuiin an tawrh loh dan tur ber kan ngaihtuah a, sniper te kan siam a,” a ti bawk.
1968-ah China pun turin China-ah a kal a, thla nga a cham thu sawiin, China sorkarin Mizote chetna an thlawp thu pawh radio-ah an puang tih a sawi.
“Zofate hi thendarh kan ni a, kan inzawmkhawm leh theih nan, mahni ro inrela kan awm theih nan kan bei a, chu chu kan chanvo a nih avangin zalenna sual kha thil tih awm tak a ni,” Vanlalngaia chuan a ti.

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