Inter H/S Quiz-a tel HSLC top 10-a tling an awm nual – MZP

High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) 2024 result chhuakah, kumtina buatsaih thin Inter High School Quiz 2023-a tel zirlai zingah HSLC top-10 a tling an awm nual chu lawmawm an tih thu Mizo Zirlai Pawl chuan an sawi.
MZP Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, MBSE-in HSLC 2024 result felfai tak a tichhuak thei chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, thawktute thawhrimna leh inpeknaah lawmthu a sawi a. Kumin HSLC exam result-a titha zual, top ten-ah Mizo zirlai 13 an lang chu lawmawm a tiin, tunhma result nena khaikhin phei chuan hmasawnna lian takah a ngai tih a sawi.
Zirlai hlawhtlinna changte a lawmpui rualin, la hlawhtling ve rih lote leh comparmental chance neite pawh beidawng loa, rilru thar nen hmalam pan turin duhsakna a hlan tih a sawi bawk.
Kum 1995 atanga a lo tih thin angin MZP chuan HSLC top-10 a Mizo tlingte a chhuan zia leh duhsakna lantir nan leh Mizo zirlaite inkarah inelna thianghlim a awm theih nan May 23 hian anmahni chawimawina a buatsaih dawn tih a sawi a ni.

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