Serthlum leh tomato chingtute zirtir

Serthlum Growers Society Sialhawk huaihawtin Thawhlehni khan KVK Khawzawl chuan Sialhawkah serthlum chin leh enkawl dan an zirtir a, serthlum chingtu mi 35 an kalkhawm. KVK Khawzawl head & senior scientist Dr Malsawmkimi chuan a zirtir a ni.
Sialhawk khua hi in 500 vel niin, chhungkaw 100 velin serthlum hi eizawn nan an ching a, kum 2023 chhung khan serthlum an chin atangin cheng nuai 70 vel an lalut.
May 13 khan Neihdawn khuaah KVK Khawzawl hian Indian Institute of Horticulture Research -North Eastern Hill Region (IIHR-NEH) nen tangdunin tomato chingtute hnenah tomato chin leh enkawl dan an zirtir bawk a. Tomato chingtu mi 74 kalkhawmte chu tomato chi sem nghal an ni. National Center for Integrated Pest Management hnuaiah tomato enkawlna tur damdawi pek an ni bawk.

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