Japan-ah buluih lian ber an thar

Japanese company Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd. chuan buluih (radish) lian zet mai an thar a, Guinness World Record-in khawvela buluih lian berah an puang. He radish hi kg 45.865 a rit a ni a, tehkualin 113cm a ni a, a zing sei zawn pawh 80 cm a ni.
Manda Fermenattion Co., Ltd. hi biotechnology industry nena thawk ho, HAKKO Park, Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan-a inbun an ni a, thlai tawih hmanga supplements leh fertilizer siam lama mithiam bik an ni. Kumtin anmahni pualin, anmahni technology hmangin buluih an ching thin a, kumin chu record siamna khawpa lian buluih an thar ta a ni.
An buluih lian thar hi February ni 22, 2023-a an thar a ni a, Guinness World Record-in a lenzawng leh a rih zawng te an finfiah thlap hnuah khawvela buluih rit berah an puang ta a ni.

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