Miley ‘Flowers’ a lar leh ber

Miley ‘Flowers’ a lar leh ber
Miley Cyrus hla hit ‘Flowers’ chu Billboard Global 200 chart-ah a No.1, he chart-a a zawn ni kher lo va vawi sarih a No.1-na a ni ta. Hetihrual hian Morgan Wallen pawh a vawi khat nan top 5-ah a lang ve ta bawk.
Billboard Global 200 chart hi kar khat chhunga khawvel huapa hla lar dan tehna niin, chart ranking siam nan hian kar khat chhunga khawvel ram hrang hrang 200 chuanga official-only streams (subscription leh ad-supported audio leh video music services) leh download sales te chu tehna pawimawh a ni.
Miley Cyrus ‘Flowers’ stream maktaduai 97.9 leh download sales 29,000 tling, chart No.3 atangin No.1 a kai thar leh a, a zawn ni kher lovin kar sarih he chart-a a No.1-na a ni ta.
The Weeknd leh Ariana Grande ‘Die for You’ chu No.2-ah bawk awm lehin, Karol G leh Shakira ‘TQG’ chu No.1 atangin No.3-ah a tawlh a, chart No.1 hlui SZA ‘Kill Bill’ chu No,4-ah bawk a la awm.
Chart top 5 khartu chu Morgan Wallen ‘Last Night’ niin, stream maktaduai 51.8 leh download sales 21,000 a tling a, chart No.10 atangin No.5-ah a invawrh a, Morgan Wallen hi he chart top 5-a a lan vawi khatna a ni.

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