Jimin music vudeo thar ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’

Jimin music vudeo thar ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’
BTS member Jimin chuan nimin khan a hla thar ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ a tichhuak ta a, he hla hi a solo album hmasa ber ‘Face’-ah a telh dawn a, a album thar hi March ni 24-ah a tlangzarh ang. Jimin hian a hla thar hi a music video pawh a tichhuak nghal.
A hla beat tang tha a, a vocals pawh hriat a nuam viau a, lamthiam rual zingah a che vel a, an dance move pawh a hmuhnawm e, “I wandered into a maze/ Hennessy and night/ I never stop, I never stop/ Again, repeat/ I never stop, f*** all your opps/ Finally free,” tiin a chorus-ah “Set me free” a sa nawn bawk.
‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ chu a album thar tur ‘Face’ atanga a led single a ni a, ‘Face’ album-ah hian hla paruk a awm dawn a, he album atan hian producer Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, EVAN leh a groupmate RM te a thawhpui bawk.
He hip-hop hlaah hian Jimin hian a natna, lungngaihna leh ruak ruaia a inhriatna te lak atanga tal chhuah a duhna te a puang a, ngaihtuahna tha lo lak ata zalen taka hmalam pan theih a duhna te a tarlang a, a music video pawh thinlung ngui leh thim theme a ni.
A lyrics-ah chuan “Look at me now/I won’t hide anymore even if it hurts/ Going insane to stay sane/ Raise your hand for the past me/Now set me free” tih te pawh a awm.
A music video tawpah Jimin chuan a ngaihtuahna leh suangtuahna thim lam chu hlipin (thawmhnaw dum hmangin a chhungril lam ngaihtuahna hi an lantir), êng lam a pan ta a ni.

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