Kawngpui siam turte enfiah

Champhai South bialtu MLA, minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment (SASCI) scheme kaltlanga a bial chhunga kawngpui siam leh cheibawl turte chu Inrinni khan a enfiah.

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Minister hian Champhai Bethel Veng ZBC biak in atanga Mualnuam panna metre 840-a thui, cheng nuai 15 senga bolder phah turte, Bethel Veng IKK biak in bul atanga Zion Veng ramri km 1.35 a thui, Venghlun Road cheng nuai 135.54 senga laihzau leh black-topping turte, Champhai Vengthar to Zote BRTF Road (Zote Kai Short cut Road) km 1.54 a thui, cheng nuai 164.46 senga black-topping turte, cheng nuai 30 senga Champhai Zotlang Khawulh panna metre 350 vela thui white-topping siam turte, cheng nuai 10 senga Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Dinthar Veng Champhai panna kawng laihzau turte bakah Champhai Kanan Veng futsal ground siam mek leh field siam turte tlawhin a enfiah a ni.

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