Keeway SR250 India-ah tlangzarh

Keeway chian an SR250 motorcycle chu India-aAuto Expo 2023 neih mekah an tlangzarh a, showroom-ah Rs 1,49,000 man a ni. SR250 hi he Hungarian brand hian India-a an motorcycle an tlangzarh pariatna a nita. An brand hi Adishwar Auto Ride India Pvt. Ltd. (AARI)-in India-ah an hralh chhuak a ni.

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SR250 hian hmanni lawka an tlangzarh Keeway SR125 ang thoin neo-retro look a nei a, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 223cc engine neiin, 15.8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm leh 16 Nm torque @ 6,500 rpm pechhuak thei a ni a, kg 120 a rit niin, a zâng tha viau mai. He motorcycle hi online booking Rs 2,000-in a tih theih a, April thla atangin an pechhuak \an ang.

AARI managing director Vikas Jhabakh chuan, “Keeway SR250 India-a kan tlangzarh thei hi kan lawm hle mai. SR125 kan tlangzarh tawhin ngaihven a hlawh hle a, hei hian min tipur a, Keeway SR series dang kan tlangzarh leh phah ta a, customer ten a brand ngaiah a chak zawk an khalh thei tawh dawn a ni. He SR250 hi rider tam takin an ngaina ngei dawn tih ka chiang a, a design leh a performance a \ha tlat a ni,” a ti.

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