Khawtlanga rualbanlote dinhmun sawi

Centre for Disabilities Studies leh State Commission for Persons with Disabilities tangdun buatsaih “Awareness on Issues and Challenges of Persons with Disabilities in Mizo Society” chu Ningani khan Aizawlah neih a ni a. State Commission for PwD chairman Vanlaldiki Sailo chuan a hmanpui.
PwD commissioner chuan rualbanlote sawrkarin ngaipawimawhin an tan ruahmanna leh hamthatna tam tak a siam tih a sawi a. Sawrkar hna lakah rualbanlote tan Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2016 tlawhchhanin 4% dah sakin school admission tihnaah 5% a dah tawh tih a sawi. Rualbanlote hamthatna atana pawl leh mimal thahnemngaite thawh rah chu tunah kan seng mek, tiin, District Level Committee on PwDs chu district tina din a nih thu te, NIELIT nen tangdunin mitdelten computer application course an zir theihna tur ruahman mek a nih thu te, Gilead Special School-ah digital class room siam a nih thu leh autistic-te tan smart class room buatsaih leh chhoh mek a nih thu te a sawi a ni.
State Commission for PwD hmalakna in Mizoram rualbanlote data pawh district pathum tihlohah chuan neih vek a nih tawh thu a sawi a. Aizawl City Bus Owner’s Association nen tangdunin Aizawla bus service zawng zawngah rualbanlote tan thutna hauh bik a ni tih tarlanna sticker bel vek a nih tawh thu leh MBSE-in higher secondary zirlat mitdelte tan Braille textbook a siam thu te a sawi bawk.
Resource person-ten rualbanlote enkawl hna thawktu Mizoram Blind Society, Gilead Special School, Thutak Nunpuite Team Pangpar Huan, Spastic Society of Mizoram, Shining Star Special School, Samaritan Blind School, Redeem Garden School, Spinal Cord Injury of Wheelchair Society Mizoram atanga tel te hriat tur hrang hrang an hrilh a, sawi ho zui a ni.

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