Khawvel huapin 2022-ah rimawi lama sum chevel 9%-in a pung

Khawvel huapin 2022-ah rimawi lama sum chevel 9%-in a pung
2022 chhunga music record hrang hrangin sum a lakluh chu a kum hmasa iin 9%-in a pung niin International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) chuan an tarlang a, a punna i 9% ni mah se 2021-a a punna 18.5% nena khaikhin chuan a punna hi a sang lo riau a ni. 2022-a rimawi lama sum chevel hi khawvel huapin dollar tluklehdingawn 26.2 a tling a ni.
Subscription audio streaming revenue bik chu 10.3%-in a pung a, a sum zawng chuan dollar tluklehdingawn 12.7 a tling a, 2022 kum tawpah chuan paid subscription account hmangtu maktaduai 589 an tling niin an tarlang. Streaming zawng zawng (paid subscription leh advertising-supported) chu 11.5%-in a pung a, dollar tluklehdingawn 17.5 a tling a, chu chu khawvel huap kum khat rimawi kaihhnawih sum chevel atanga 67% a ni.
Physical revenue pawh 4%-in a pung a, vinyl sales a tha a, performance rights revenue pawh 8.6%-in a pung a, hripui len hma boruak nen a inphaman ve leh tan tawh a ni.
2022-ah khawvel hmun hrang hrangah music record revenue hi a pung niin an tarlang a, Nort America (USA leh Canada) chu a pun nasatna ber niin 5%-in a pung a, khawvel huapa rimawi market lian ber chu USA niin, USA bikah hian 4.8%-in a pung a, a vawi khat nan a dollar tluklehdingawn 10 a khum hial a ni.
Asia-ah pawh 15.4%-in a pung a, market lian ber chu Japan niin, Japan punna hi 5.4% a ni a, a dawttu chu China niin, 20%-in a pung a, China hi a vawi khat nan rimawi kaihhnawih sum che vel tamna ram top 5-ah a lang. Asia khawmualpui a rimawi kaihhnawih sum che vel chu khawvel huap rimawi sum chevel atanga 49.8% a tling.
Australasia pawh 8.1%-in a pung a, khawvel huap rimawi market top 10-ah a lang pha. Europe chu rimawi market lian zingah telin, UK, Germany leh France te chu a lian zual an ni a, Europe punna hi 7.5% a ni. Latin America pawh 25.9%-in a pung a, tun kum 10 chuang mah chhunga a punna tam ber tum a la ni.
Middle East leh North Africa hi 2021-a rimawi tana market thang chak ber kha a ni a, 2022-ah pawh a punna percent san lamah pathumna niin, 23.8%-in a pung a, khawvel huap pawhin streaming lama punna sang ber niin, 95.5%-in a pung a ni. Sub-Saharan Africa chu rimawi market than chakna ber niin, 34.7%-in a pung ve bawk.

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