Khelo India Centre din sawipui

New Delhi-a cham mek Sports minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan Zirtawpni khan Union Sports secretary hmuin Mizoram district 11-a Khelo India Centre din kim vek tura an rawtna thlen a sawipui.
Union Sports secretary Sujata Chaturvedi chuan a thuphunga ministry-in rem a tih thu a lo hrilh a, reiloteah sanction tihfel beisei a nih thu sawi a ni.
Sports minister hian Mizoram naupang a tam thei ang ber tan Holiday Sports programme kalpui tum a nih thu pawh sawipuiin, holiday apianga naupangten insawizawia nuam ti taka an thlan tla zawih zawih khawpa an infiam thin chu tunlaia society-in a mamawh a ni, tiin, Sports ministry pawhin hriatpui ve se a duh thu a hrilh a. Naupang hrisel leh fit, rilru puthmang dik ni tura tan lak chu sawrkar tih tur nia an hriat thu te a sawipui bawk.

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