Kohhran Hmeichhe Inkhawmpui

Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran hnuaia Bial Kohhran Hmeichhe Inkhawmpui chu Zirtawpni zan atang khan neih tan a ni a, Pathianni zan thleng neih a ni ang.

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February 10 zan kha palai lawmna leh report inkhawm a ni a, Inrinni nilengin rorel a ni anga, zanah vantlang Pathian biak inkhawm a awm ang. February 12 (Pathianni) chawhma, chawhnu leh zanah inkhawmpui neih chhunzawm a ni ang.

Inkhawmpui hman dan tur hi Bial Hmeichhe Committee-in ngaihtuahin a remchan dan anga hman thin a ni a, bial hrang hranga hman dan pawh a inang vek loa, bial thenkhatah thupui thlan bik neiin speaker-ten an sawi anga, bial thenkhatah chuan bial hruaituten an insawi chhawk thung ang. Kristian Chhungkua leh Buhfaithama inelna lawmman hrang hrang sem a ni bawk ang.

Kohhran Hmeichhia Central Committee member-te hmun hrang hrangah bial inkhawmpui hi an hmanpui dawn a ni.

Synod Inkhawmpui 2022 report-a a lan danin, tunah hian Kohhran hmeichhe member 188060 an awm a, member tam berna bial chu Champhai Vengthlang niin member 2869 an awm a, member tlem berna bial chu Buarpui bial niin member 40 an awm.




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