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Kuminah Opium la man lo


Huihhlo a hluar laiin thu lawmawm lam pawh a awm a, heroin leh a chi dang man tur a tam laiin opium-in Mizoram a la luhchilh lo a ni ang, kuminah excise sipaite’n an la man lo.

Opium hi ruihhlo lar ni mah se Mizoramah chuan heroin leh proxyvon te ang chuan a lar ve lo tiin a sawi theih a, chutih laiin tun hnai kum hmasa lamah man tur a awm leh thin avangin a hluar ve ang tih pawh a hlauhawm thei awm e. Vanneihthlak takin kuminah opium hi an la man lo a, thil lawmawm a tling ve awm e.

Mizoram Excise and Narcotics (MEN) department-in 2016 khan an man teuh a, 2018 leh 2019 khan an man leh. Kuminah chuan November thleng khan an la man lo.

An chhinchhiahnaa a lan danin, 2018 khan kg 0.056 an man a, 2019-ah kg 2.177 an man. 2016 khan tam tham tak mai an man a, kg 18.478 lawih an man. 2016 hi opium an man hnem ber kum a ni. A kum leh 2017-ah an man lo a, a dawt lehah erawh a kum zawnin an man a ni.

MEN department chhinchhiah danin, 1995 kha opium an man hmasak ber kum a ni a, kg 0.480 an man. Chumi hnu-ah chuan 2001, 2002, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2018 leh 2019-ah te an man leh.

Mizorama opium man tawh zat
Kum         A zat (Kg)
1995-ah   0.480
2001-ah   4.809
2002-ah   0.480
2007-ah   4.035
2008-ah   1.153
2010-ah   0.878
2011-ah   2.500
2012-ah   2.653
2016-ah   18.478
2018-ah   0.056
2019-ah   2.177

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