Kut phuar chunga tui hleuh thui record

Egyptian tui hleuh thiam Shehab Allam, kum 31, chuan a kut pahnih handcuff chungin tui mel 7.238 (km 11.649) a thui a hleuh a, Guinness World Record a siam. A hmaa hetiang record chu American Benjamin Katzman siam a ni a, ani hian 2021 khan a kut handcuff chungin mel 5.35 (km 8.6) a thui a hleuh a, he record hi Shehab Allam hian a rawn khum ta a ni.
Allam hian hetiang a thui, handcuff chunga hleuh thlen nan hian darkar ruk a hmang a, record hi Arabian Gulf-a a siam a ni. Record siam tura tui a hleuh chhung hian tanpuitu a neih a thiang lo va, amah zuitu lawng chu kuta a khawih pawh phal a ni lo. A tui hleuh chhung zawng a kut chu phuar reng a ni tur a ni bawk.
Allam hian tui chunga thui tak hleuh lovin a metre 164 (feet 538)-ah a hleuh kual a, vawi 70 a hleuh kual a ni. A tui hleuh thui zawng hi Olympic-size swimming pool-a lap 460 hleuh ang vel a ni.

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