MSU Cup 2023 nei zo

MSU Cup 2023 nei zo
Mizo Students’ Union Gen. Hqrs buatsaih MSU Cup 2023 Annual Inter College Competition chu neih zawh a ni a. A kharna inkhawm hi Mizoram Football Association president Lal Thanzara’n a hmanpui.
A khar zan hian MSU Cup 2023 Annual Inter College Football final khelh a ni a, Govt. Hrangbana College-in 3-1 in Govt. Johnson College an hneh a, an champion.
MSU Cup 2023 Annual Inter College Competition-ah hian inelna chi hrang hrang – football, basketball, volleyball (men & women), cheraw, buhthlei, Bawh hla leh Miss Multimedia hmangtea inel a ni a, college 10 an tel. Inelna hrang hrang champion-ten trophy, sumfai leh medal an dawng a ni.
Cheraw-ah 1-na Govt. Aizawl College (Huiva Cultural Club), 2-na Govt. T Romana College (Thingsiri Cultural Club), 3-na Govt. Hrangbana College.
Bawh hla-ah 1-na Joshua Lalenkawla (GTRC), 2-na Lalnunsanga (HBC), 3-na Jonathan Lalrempuia (GJC). Buhthlei: 1-na Laltlanpuii (GJTC), 2-na Rosangpuii (GANC), 3-na Lalrinsangi (GJC). Basketball: champion – Govt. Hrangbana College, runner up Govt. TRC; MVP – Lawmsangzuala (HBC)
Volleyball Men: champion – Govt. HBC, runner up – Govt. J Thankima College; Best Setter – C Zonunmawia (HBC), Best Spiker – Saidingpuia Sailo (HBC), Best Player – Vanlaltanchhana (HBC). Women: champion – Govt. Aizawl College, runner up – Govt. Hrangbana College; Best Setter – Lalkhumtiri Renthlei (HBC), Best Spiker – Lalhriatpuii (HBC), Best Player – Lalrammawii (GAC)
Football: champion – Govt. HBC, runner up – Govt. J Thankima College; Best Goalkeeper – David Lalrinpuia (HBC), Best Player – Moses Lalrinzuala (HBC), Top Scorer – K. Lalremsanga (JTC).

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