LA Lakers an hnungtawlh

Thawhtan zinga NBA regular season khelhah Los Angeles Lakers chu Chicago Bulls hneh lovin an tlawm a, table-ah an hnungtawlh. Bulls lakah an tlawm tum hian LA Lakers player pawimawh LeBron James a inlan thei thei tawh a, James hian a team tlawm tur a chhanhim zo lo thung.
Western Conference-ah pariatnaa awm mek LA Lakers hian Eastern Conference-ah 10-naa awm mek Chicago Bulls lakah bul an tan chhe viau a, quarter hmasa pathumah hnufual zawkah an tang vek. Quarter hmasa pathumah hnufual zawk an nih vangin point 13 a hnufual zawk chungin quarter hnuhnung ber an hmachhawn. 4th quarter-ah khel thain, point thumin chungnung zawkah tang bawk mahse point 10 zetin an khingpuite an umphak thei chuang lova, uiawm takin tlawm zawkah an tang.
Bulls lakah an tlawm vangin LA Lakers hi pakuanaah an tlahniam a, khelh hmabak game sarih an la neihah playoff khelh phak ngei tumin tan an khawh zui ang. Conference-a parukna chin direct in playoff an khel phak a. Pasarihna atanga 10-na a mi ten playoff khel tur zawnna play-in an khel zui leh thin. Bulls lakah an tlawm tum hian hliam vanga game 13 zet inlan thei tawh lo LeBron James chu Lakers tan a inlan ve leh thei tawh a, season kal mekah game 27 zet inlan lo tling tawh James hian bench atanga lut chungin Bulls lakah point 19 a thawkchhuak. Bulls tan hian Zach LaVine chuan point 32 a thawkchhuak a, Bulls hi an khelh hnuhnung vawi kuaah vawi sarih an chakna chiah a ni.
LA Lakers an tlawm lai hian Cleveland Cavaliers chuan point 108-91 in Houston Rockets an hneh a, kum 2018 hnu lamah a vawikhat nan play-off khel turin an tling chiang nghal. Rockets an hneh tum hian Cavaliers tan Jarrett Allen chuan point 24 a thawkchhuak a, ball sawhlet vawi 14 a dawng tling bawk.

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