Law minister ngaihdan leh sorkar thu inkalh

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju-an Supreme Court Collegium-in judge ni tura rawtte Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW) leh Intelligence Bureau (IB) tena ‘thuruk’ anmahni an chhui chianna an theh luh a tichhuak a sawisel chu kum riat kaltaa Centre berin judicial appointment-a langtlang a awm theih nanan National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC)-a a nawr nen a inkalh tlat.
NJAC judgement record-ah sorkar chuan Collegium system chu a ruka thil kalpui leh langtlang lo tiin a sawi a, NJAC chuan ‘duhthusam langtlang, inpekna tak tak leh a pawimawh ber mipui te telna’ a keng ang a ti a nih kha.

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October 2015 judgement-ah Constitution Bench chuan ‘constitutional governance-ah langtlang a pawimawh takzet’ a tihrualin sorkar chu ‘langtlang hi one-way street a ni lo’ a ti thung.

NJAC case-a inhnialnaah sorkar chuan Collegium chu ‘a ruk leh lutuk’ tia sawiin ‘Collegium emaw Department of Justice pawn lam mi te chuan Chief Justice of India-in Supreme Court emaw High Courts judge tura rawtte hriat theih a ni lo’ tiin a tang nghe nghe a.

He NJAC case-ah hian khatih laia Attorney General chuan, “Civil society te hian judge atana ruat tur te hriat theihna turin rights an nei a ni,” a ti a, NJAC verdict chuan sorkarin a case tihfiah nana a sawi “Mipui ten hriat theihna right an nei,” tih chu tarlan a ni nghe nghe.

Rijiju chuan judge ni lo sorkar zawk chu mipuite tan mawhphurtu a ni a ti a. Hei hi tun hnaia sorkar leh Apex Court te judicial appointment chungchanga an thu inhmuh loh kaihhnawih zela a sawi a ni a.

Law minister thlir dan hi ‘Second Judges Case’ tih mai nine-judge Supreme Court Bench in thutlukna a siam hmanga chhan theih a ni thung a. October 1993 khan court chuan sorkarin judicial appointment a thu zawk nih tuma mipuite laka mawhphurtu chu judge ni lovin sorkar zawk a ni a tih chu ‘thuvuvuk’ a lo tihsak tawh a ni.

Justice J.S. Verma-in thutlukna a siam nine-member Bench a judge dang palitena an thlawpah chuan ‘Judge ruatah executive-in mipuite aiawh zawk tia a inngaihna chu engmah behchhan mumal nei lo’ a lo tihsak tawh.

Chutih rual erawh chuan Chief Justice of India leh Chief Justices of High Courts tena awm ang lo judge appointment an siam a nih chuan an mawhphurhna a ni thung ang a lo ti thung.

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