Lawngtlai District Badminton tournament

March 22-25, 2023 chhunga Lawngtlai District Badminton Association buatsaih Chandmary Inpuia TT Construction Season Ending Badminton Ranking Tournament khelh zawh tak result kan han tarlang e.
U-13 Boys singles

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Champion : Lalmuanpuia Fanchun, EBC
Runners Up : Vanmalsawma, EBC

U-15 Boys singles

Champion : Benekias, CBC
Runners Up : Liansangpuia, EBC

U-17 Boys singles

Champion : Lalropeka Renthlei, EBC
Runners Up : Lalmalsawma, EBC

Men’s B Doubles

Champion : R. Lalrintluanga & Benjamim, VBC
Runners Up : H. Samuel & K. Lal\anpuia, CBC

Mixed Doubles

Champion : Mano Malsawmdawngliana, EBC &
MC Lalhlimawmi, BBC
Runners Up : K. Lalrotluanga & N. Lalrimawii, CBC

45+ Men’s Doubles

Champion : T. Zothankhuma & Thuthlungliana, CVBC
Runners Up : N. Lalramriliama & Alex Lalzawmpuia, CBC

35+ Men’s Singles

Champion : C. Lalruatkima, VBC
Runners Up : C. Lalropuia, CBC

35+ Men’s Doubles

Champion : M. Lalramsiama &
Rohluzuala Chhakchhuak, CBC
Runners Up: MS Tluanga & Henry Lalhmingsanga, CVBC
Men’s Singles

Champion : Mano Malsawmdangliana, EBC
Runners Up : Immanuel Lalrinchhana, EBC

Men’s Doubles

Champion : Lalruatkima, VBC & Mano MS Dawngliana, EBC
Runners Up : Immanuel Lalrinchhana, EBC & Lalkhawngaihsanga, L-III BC

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