LMC campaign theih hun a tawp Duty-te turte awmna tur tifel

LMC campaign theih hun a tawp
Duty-te turte awmna tur tifel
Lunglei Municipal Council inthlan vawi khatna, March 29-a neih turah political party leh candidate te tan campaign theih hun a tawp tawh a. Thawhtanni tlai khan political party hrang hrangten campaign kharna inkhawm an hmang. Inthlana duty tur polling official-te awmna tur pawhfel tawh niin, an awmna tur erawh hrilhhriat nghal an ni lo thung.
State Election Commission thuchhuak angin, March 27 tlai dar 4.00 atang khan LMC atana campaign theih hun a tawp a, hemi hnu hi chuan campaign phal a ni tawh lo.
District municipal election officer, bawrhsap Ramdinliani chuan SEC thuchhuak ang hian Thawhtanni khan hriattirna a tichhuak a. ‘Vote thlak hun tawp, 2023 March 29 tlai dar 4.00 atanga chhiarleta darkar 48 – March 27 tlai dar 4.00 atang hian Lunglei municipality huamchhungah campaign theih a ni tawh loa, ward pawnlam atanga campaign tura kal political hruaitute, party worker leh campaign worker vote neilote chu ward chhungah an awm tawh tur a ni lo,’ a ti.
Lunglei Municipal Council inthlan turah hian March 29 zing dar 7 atanga tlai dar 4 thleng vote thlak theih a ni. Ram rorelnaa thu kan neih ve theihna a ni tih hria a, vote thlak turin district municipal election officer chuan Lunglei mipui a sawm tih a sawi a ni.
Hetihlai hian he inthlana polling party-te duty-na hmun tur chu Thawhtanni khan a pawha pawh a ni a. Polling party 55 siamah polling station 44-a duty tur polling party 44 leh reserve-a dah polling party 11 thlanfel an ni. Duty turte hi pawhfuh hmangin political party aiawhten an pawt a. Polling party-te duty na tur hi tun dinmunah anmahni la hriattir emaw puanzar ala ni lo.

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# March 28 chawhnu dar 1-ah Lunglei DC office atangin polling party-te hi an duty-na hmuna kal turin vailiam an ni anga, hetah hian polling party 44-te hi an duty-na hmun tur hriattir chauh an ni anga, an duty-na tur polling station an pan nghal ang.
# Reserve polling party 11 hi a tul huna koh theih turin vote thlak ni ah DC office-ah an awm ang.
# LMC inthlanah hian 2022 October 14-a tlangzarh LMC final electoral roll hman a ni dawn a. Electoral roll-ah hian vote nei 40548 awmin mipa 19123 leh hmeichhia 21245 an ni.

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