Lung tan apple a tha

Nitin apple pum khat ei hian lung lam natna risk a tihniam thei niin an sawi a, apple ei rau rauah pawh a kawr nen ngeia ei a tha an tih lehzel.

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University of Australia-a mithiam Catherine Bondonno chuan lung natna thlen thei nitric oxide (NO) production leh endothelial function te apple-in a nghawng theih dan zirin,”Endothelium chu thisenzam a cell inphan tiak a ni a, nitric oxide a pechhuak bawk. Nitric oxide chuan kan tihrawl te chawlhahdam turin a signal thei a, chu chuan thisenzamah thisen luang a ti tam thei a ni,” a ti.

Apple kawrah hian flavonoids a tam hle a, flavonoid chu Vitamin P leh cirtrin a ni a, apple ti sen tu ber pawh hei hi a ni. Flavoniod chu thisenzam tan a tha hle a ni.

Bondonno chuan volunteer, mihrisel pangngai-ah enchhinna neiin, tast hrang hrang a kalpui a, flavonoid pai tam apple chuan nitric oxide ststus leh endothelial function te a pui a, lung lam natna risk a tihniam thei niin a sawi.

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