Manipur Zofate Pualin Lelte Awardees Mobile Charity Concert Nei Dawn

Mizoram leh Manipura zaithiam Lelte Award lo dawng tawh intelkhawm chuan May ni 26 (Zirtawp) chawhma dar 10 atanga tlai lam dar 5 thlengin Aizawl khawpui kawn lun lai deuhah Mobile Charity Concert an nei dawn a, he vehbur khawnna an sum hmuhte chu Manipur atanga Zofa raltlan mekte chhawmdawl nan hlan ni ang.
Manipur atanga zaithiam 10 lo kalte hian Aizawl an rawn lut tawh a, mikhualte hi Malsawma Darngwn, Chairman, HPC in a lo dawngsawng a ni. Mizoram atanga Lelte Award lo dawng tawh zaithiam 20 chuang zetin he mobile charity concert an tawiawm dawn bawk a ni.

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