MBA-in Thazuala an chhuang

Jwala Gutta Academy, Hyderabad-a khelh zawh tak Younex-Sunrise 35th Sub-Junior (U-15 & U-17) National Badminton Championship-ah Mizo rawlthar H. Laltha-zuala, s/o H. Zohmangaiha a champion a, Mizoram Badminton Association (MDA) chuan an player hlawhtlinna hi ropui an tih thu leh chhuanawm an tih thu thuchhuah siama tarlang chungin lawmpuina an hlang nghal.
Kan hriat tawh angin, |hazuala hian final-a a khingpui Telegana state lam mi Pranauv Ram chu 1-11 21-15-a hnehin a champion.
MBA thuchhuah chuan India rama badminton tournament inchhawrdawhah national championship hi ngaihhlut hlawh ber a nih thu leh top player-te inlan kimna a nih thin thu tarlang chungin, “Hetiang level-a champion thei Mizo rawlthar kan nei hi Mizoram Badminton Association chuan ropui a tiin, |hazuala hi a chhuang tak meuh a, a hlawhtlinna chanah a lawmpui tak meuh meuh a ni,” an ti.

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