McGregor hmachhawn tur Chandler

UFC fighter lar Conor McGregor chu hliam vanga a chawlh reng hnuin octogon ah a kir leh dawn a, Michael Chandler nen an inhmachhawn dawn tih UFC boss Dana White-a’n a tichiang.

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UFC fighter lar, division hniha champion kawp thei hmasa ber McGregor hian July 2021 khan Dustin Poirier nen an inhliam tumin hliam a tuar a, ngalrek duh a tliak. Hemi hnu hian a chawl ta vang vang a, UFC a chawlhsan zui mai rinna lian tak a awm hman. UFC-a a kir leh hma hian boxing khel tur angin sawi a ni leh hman thuak thuak bawk. A hma lam hun tur a chian lawk theih loh hnuin UFC-ah a kir leh dawn tih a chiang ta a, Bellator MMA lama fighter lar tak Michael Chandler nen an inhmachhawn dawn tih tihchian a ni ta a ni.

Fighter lar pahnih Conor McGregor leh Michael Chandler te hi an inhmachhawn dawn tih tihchian tawh ni mah se, an inbeih hun tur leh an inbeihna hmun tur erawh puan chian a la ni lo thung.

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