Meghalaya Speaker-ah Thomas Sangma

Rorel lai National People’s Party kaihhruai Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) coalition MLA Thomas A Sangma chu March 9 khan Meghalaya Assembly Speaker 11-na atana thlan tlin a ni.
MDA 2.0 sorkar kar kaltaa lakluh hian MLA 45 neiin heng zinga 26 te chu National People’s Party (NPP) MLA an ni a, 11 te chu United Democratic Party (UDP) leh BJP, Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP), People’s Democratic Front (PDF) MLA MLA pahnih theuh leh Independent legislators pahnih an ni.
Sangma hi Rajya Sabha member hlui niin Opposition party pathum – Congress, TMC leh Voice of the People’s Party te chuan candidate an siam ve loh avangin chuhtu awm lova tlinga puan a ni.
Protem Speaker Tomothy D Shira chuan, “Assembly-in nomination paper pakhat chauh a dawn avangin, Thomas A Sangma chu Speaker atan ka puang e,” tiin a sawi.
Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma chuan Parliamentarian hlui chuan chair tha taka a enkawl a rin tlat thu a sawi a. “Speaker chair a i thu tur hi lawmawm ka ti a ni,” tiin Thomas A. Sangma hnenah a sawi.

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