Miley Cyrus ‘Flowers’ a la Hot ber

Miley Cyrus ‘Flowers’ a la Hot ber
Miley Cyrus hla hit ‘Flowers’ chu Billboard Hot 100 (singles) chart-ah a No.1 a, he chart-a a zawn ni kher lo va kar riat a No.1-na a ni ta a, hetihrual hian Coi Leray leh Bailey Zimmerman te pawh a vawi khat nan top 10-ah an lang ve ve.
Billboard Hot 100 hi kar khat chhunga US-a hla lar dan tehna niin, chart ranking siam nan hian all-genre US streaming (official audio leh official video), radio airplay leh sales data te chu tehna pawimawh a ni.
‘Flowers’ hian kar khat chhungin radio airplay-ah ngaithlatu maktaduai 107.9 a la nei thei a, stream maktaduai 24.7 leh sales 11,000 la tlingin, hei hi a kar riat nan chart-ah a No.1 pui leh ta a ni.
Chart No.1 hlui Morgan Wallen ‘Last Night’ chu kar hnih a No.1 hnuah No.2-ah a tawlh ta a, he chart-a kar sarih No.2 ni theio Sza ‘Kill Bill’ pawh No.3-ah bawk a la awm a, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd leh 21 Savage ‘Creepin’ pawh No.5 atangin No.4 a kai thar leh a, chart No.1 hlui The Weeknd leh Ariana Grande ‘Die for You’ chu No.4 atangin No.5-ah a tawlh ta bawk.
PinkPantheress leh Ice Spice ‘Boy’s a Liar, Pt.2’ chu No.6-ah bawk a la awm a, chart No.1 hlui Taylor Swift ‘Anti-Hero’ pawh No.7-ah la awmin, Rema leh Selena Gomez ‘Calm Down’ pawh No.8-ah bawk a la awm.
Coi Leray ‘Players’ chu radio airplay maktaduai 58.5, stream maktaduai 10.5 leh dales 4,000 tlingin No.12 atangin No.9-ah a invawrh a, Leray tan he chart top 10-a lang thei hla a neih vawi khatna a ni.
Top 10 khartu chu Bailey Zimmerman ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ niin, radio airplay maktaduai 35.8, stream maktaduai 15.3 leh sales 3,000 neiin, No.11 atangin No.10-ah a invawrh a, Bailey hi he chart top 10-a a lan vawi khatna a ni.

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