Minister hovin department hotute thukhawm

Minister hovin department hotute thukhawm
Power minister R Lalzirliana hovin Zirtawpni khan Saitual-ah Saitual district-a sorkar department hrang hrang hotute an thukhawm.
Minister chuan Saitual-a department hotute leh kohhran leh khawtlang hruaitute chu hmasawn zel nan an tanho a pawimawh thu a sawi a, 2026-a Saitual-in Central KTP General Conference a thlen tur pawh tluang taka khawmpui hman a nih theih nan thawhho that a tul tih a sawi.
2026-a KTP General conference Saitualina a thlen tur a hmalak ho dan tur te sawiho a ni a, Saitual khawpui faina leh thianghlimnaa hma a sawn zel dan tur leh kawng hrang hranga development a thlen zel theihna turte pawh sawiho a ni. Department hrang hrang a hotute pawhin an Department mamawh te Minister hnenah thlen in a tul anga hma lakpui turin an ngen nghal bawk a ni.
Meeting ahhian Saitual a Department hrang hrang a hruaitu te bakah kohhran leh khawtlang hruaitute kalkhawm in Minister hi Aizawl atangin Mayor Pu Lalrinenga Sailo-in a tawiawm bawk.

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