Minister-in zirna in tlawh

Champhai South bialtu MLA, minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Ningani khan Champhai Higher Secondary School Electric Veng Champhai ami chu tlawhin thawktute a kawm.
Champhai South bial huamchhungah zirna sang zawk a awm remchan mai loh vangin kum 2019 ah Champhai South HSS hi din a ni a. Zirlaite hmakhua ngaia theihtawp chhuah zel a ni chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, school dinhmun tha zawk leh thawmthat kawngah pawh theihtawp chhuah zui zel niin, project-te siam a ni a, beiseina sang tak neih a ni, tiin a sawi. Champhai South HSS-in din a nih atanga result duhawm tak tak a nei thin chu chhuanawm a tih thu sawiin, thawktute chu thahnemngai taka thawk chhunzawm zel turin a sawm a ni.
Tunah hian Champhai South Higher Secondary School-ah zirtirtu 7 leh Class XII zirlai 31 an awm a, class XI lut tur admission ngaihchan mek a ni.

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