Bawlhhlawh thliar zirtir dawn

Aizawl district-a bawlhhlawh thliar dan inzirtir thar tum a ni a, a zirtir tura ruat te chu Ningani khan bawrhsap Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte hoin an thukhawm.
Solid waste management chungchanga mipui hrilhhre tur hian Special Task Force din a ni a. Information & Public Relations department, NSS, DDK, AIR, MJA leh Biodiversity Conservation Network (BIOCONE) aiawhte an tel.
Thutkhawmah hian bawlhhlawh thliarhran dan tur leh hman khat daih plastic hman chungchanga mipui zirtir dan tur sawi a ni a. Tunah hian bawlhhlawh paih dan inzirtirna hi zirna inah kalpui mek a ni.
Hmalakna hmasa ber atan Aizawla bazar hmun hrang hrangah Special Task Force member-te kal a inzirtirna pek tum a ni.

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